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Hi, I'm Jon Combe

(The surname rhymes with doom and gloom)

I am a British UI/UX designer, software engineer, workaholic, dad, and husband. I've lived in Thailand for the majority of my adult life and am married to the wonderful Daeng: she's much smarter and prettier than I am and is a huge asset at social occasions where she invariably makes me look better than I otherwise would.

Most of the time I'm creating software for my customers

Unfortunately, due to NDAs and the like, I can't write about a lot of it. This is annoying, not because I can't keep a secret, but because I've been lucky enough to work on some really cool things! I've helped some very clever doctors and data scientists detect patterns in the treatment of cancer, and written software with target acquisition experts to help submariners find the bad guys.

Back in the day our software helped halt the spread of SARS in SGH. No NDA this time, just all the screenshots were lost in the mists of time. Silly me.

Much more recently, I designed, built and published an Android and iOS mobile app which enabled customers to buy coupons and make reservations for a popular restaurant chain in Bangkok. It enjoyed 400k downloads and generated over USD 3.5M in revenue for my client over its 18-month lifespan.

I've also done work with SaaS, PaaS, online payments, e-wallets, logistics, retail, e-commerce, commercial radio, databases and more. I design and build fast, clean, modern and efficient user interfaces, unique to each individual use case. I truly love what I do.

Along the way, I've learned enough about Product Management to help get your offering to market and give it a fighting chance of staying there.

Sometimes I make software just for me (and you)

I make little things that I find useful or help me get stuff done. If I think it will help others, I tend to make it available so they can use it too.

Occasionally I do stuff just to see if I can

I have no desire to be a blogger...

...but very occasionally I jot down things I find interesting or useful.

If any of the above interests you, or you want to discuss ways I can help your online pursuit, please do drop by and say hello.